Saturday, May 13, 2017, Day 21, Sailing from Antigua to Madeira

We started the motor during my (Cindy’s) watch: 2:27 a.m., to be precise. The rest of my watch was pretty boring and I was getting sleepy, so I decided to try to remember a movie title starting with every letter of the alphabet.

Why? Because Michael and I are creating a list of TV shows and movies that aired/showed prior to 1990. Yulia and Kirill told us that they didn’t have access to such entertainment until political changes in Russia allowed it in about 1990.

TV Shows and Movies – Cindy’s and Michael’s Recommendations

We have had a lot of fun walking down memory lane to pull TV shows and movies from our long-buried memories.

Anyway . . . Kirill was smart. By sailing as slowly as we did as long as we did, we will now arrive in Madeira tomorrow in daylight. Smart captain.

We cleaned the boat inside and out today. Since the ocean was calm, it was a good time to do it.
After the boat was sparkling clean, we had lunch, complete with a third bottle of Santa Julia wine. Yulia and Kirill again gave it to us to share. They again had ginger beer (a non-alcoholic soda). We toasted the clean boat and a good voyage.

We will miss these two. They are marvelous people!

As of 1:46 p.m., we had 100 nautical miles to go.

We seriously need that fourth shower.

. . . Michael took his fourth shower. I am holding out until tomorrow.

Distance to destination (DTD) 100 nautical miles

Sunset on Saturday, May 3, 2017

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