Tuesday, May 16, 2017, Island of Madeira

For some reason, the land keeps moving. Hee hee. It is just our bodies adjusting to living on the land instead of the water.

The end of this marvelous voyage causes us to reflect on the impact sailing has had on our lives these past few years. We have been so fortunate when it comes to sailing and the people we have met. We have learned from every experience.

Sailing has, in short, enriched our lives in ways we could not have imagined. It has brought us closer together and provided us with meaningful experiences and memories that will last a lifetime.

This trip introduced us to taking a longer passage on a catamaran. This was important to us, because we have been trying to decide between a monohull and a cat. After taking this voyage, and given our long-term sailing plans, we’ve decided that a cat is what makes sense for us. (We won’t have nearly as nice a boat as Yulia and Kirill do, but it will still be a cat!)

As important as the boats and sailing experiences have been, our hearts have been forever touched by the people we have met.

This trip was no exception. We observed Kirill as he captained the boat. He is the epitome of an excellent captain! He is competent, knows his boat and handles it well. His demeanor also sets him apart. At no time – whether he was tense or sleepy – was he anything but kind and calm. He is the type of captain we aspire to be. He also has an incredible, eclectic selection of music!

Yulia is incredibly kind, competent, intelligent, and funny. She is an excellent crew member and hostess. She, too, was always calm and respectful. She provided clear instructions for managing the furling and unfurling of the sails. She made sure we were well fed, from meals to snacks. We felt like guests, even though we were crew.

Aside from sailing the deep blue sea, which is a “must do” experience in and of itself (the ocean is sooooooo beautiful!!), our fondest memories will be of laughing with these two crazy Russians!

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